How To Make Money By Blogging

How To Make Money By Blogging

Learn how to make money by blogging and a step by step guide on how to be a successful blogger.

You may have been wondering how you can make money blogging. You are not alone, I was once in that position or state of mind trying to find ways of breaking into the blogging club. But finally, I came to understand just a little about what I was getting into and how it works. And today here I am teaching someone else how it’s done.

How To Make Money By Blogging

My complete guide on how to make money by blogging:

Start a Blog

The first step to becoming a blogger is starting a blog. By this I mean starting your own blog, a blog you can claim ownership of all its contents.

For those with zero knowledge about blogging, your first step is:

Register a domain name

Register with a hosting provider

To become a blogger you need the above listed to be able to own your own website.

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Once you have completed these steps, the next is:

Create Useful Content 

You need content on your blog before you could get anyone to visit your page. For example, How to make money by blogging is a content a created for my page, and you are reading it because it is available to you. Many readers will visit your page to find information or solution to their problems, once you are able to achieve this, you are on a ladder to becoming a successful blogger.

Remember; A blog is not a blog without content so once you’ve set your blog up, you have to start writing content for your blog. Write to enjoy it before you can convert it into money making blog.

You can either choose to write in your area of specialty or research answer to common questions people are asking like how to make money by blogging.

How To Make Money By Blogging

How To Make Money By Blogging

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Once you have completed these steps, the next is:

Find readers of your content 

Finding people to read your content can be a bit of a hassle. The easiest way I can think of is creating a social presence. During when I was starting out, I had to create numerous social accounts like;






And many others, but to name a few. Every time you produce a fresh content for your blog, you have to either share it manually on your social platform or automate the process to share automatically once it is published. Be available to interact with your followers to explain what the content is about and answer questions they will throw at you.

What I did was, whenever I get tough questions, I go on google and search for it for answers, not only answers but to get more knowledge so I don’t look like am just writing about something I don’t have knowledge about.

This method worked for me because not all successful bloggers out there have complete knowledge of what they are talking about, most of them pay people to produce contents for their blogs. If you don’t have the financial means to do this, then doing it yourself is the only option you have.

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Once you have completed these steps, the next is:

How To Make Money By Blogging

Follow up your Blog Visitors 

Visitors to your blog will like to get as much information as possible, you have to be there and be ready to interact with them. Your blog visitors are not your friends, these are people with genuine reason to be there. Google may have sent them there after they searched for related content on your site, or people who follow you on the social network who are looking for answers.

Offer them options of subscribing to your blog post, and make available related contents to expand the pieces of information you are providing.

What I did was below each of my contents are the related blog post so they can click to gain more knowledge. By doing this, you are keeping your visitors for longer on your blog which is good for the average time each visitor spends on your blog.

Provide your visitors with social media share buttons, these will help increase the number of shares for your post/content. When visitors find something useful, they are likely to share it with their friends. This will help your blog a lot because the more visitors you get to your blog, the more chances you have to make money.

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Once you have completed these steps, the next is:

How To Make Money By Blogging

Create Income System

Without creating an income stream, this post on how to make money by blogging wouldn’t profit me either. You need to identify some possible income streams for your blog. There are many avenues of generating income for your blog, but you have to find what works for you. Some of the ways of monetizing your blog are:

SEO optimization

Google Adsense

Affiliate programs


Paid webinar

Physical products

Just to name but a few. These are some of the avenues I use to monetize my blog, they all work for me because I have developed ways of implementing each one of them. You cant incorporate every income stream at once, you have to start with one, master it, then move to the next.

Visitors to your blog are the once to generate this income for you, treat them nicely as they are your customers, keeping them really occupied will increase your earnings.

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