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Brand Building – Building Personal Brand Guide

Brand Building

A few weeks ago I get this email out of the blue from an old friend of mine sent an email.

The email said:

The first time I googled you, I saw a handful of companies pop up including LWB, are you an employee of these companies?
I quickly said nope! am an entrepreneur mate, not an employee! I hate exchanging my precious time for money.

Needless to say, I was intrigued.

So I hesitantly pulled up my laptop open and googled myself for the first time…

Turns out that Google had been looking for more information about me, so when it couldn’t find, Google was happy to go index anything it found connected to my IT Consultancy and Web Hosting Business.

Brand Building

That’s when I realized that it was time to turn this round.

Have you considered how to brand yourself to help Google and prevent it from running rampage in doing itself for you?

Not familiar with brand yourself?

No worries this article breaks all the steps you need to follow to brand yourself and help to manage online reputation that’s likely affecting your business.

Let’s jump right in.

This 3-Step Content Strategy=More Traffic, Backlinks, and Sales From Your Personal Online Business branding
Heres the deal:

If you’re serious about getting results from brand yourself strategy, there are 3-steps you need to know:

Step #1:

Creating content with a proven track record of attracting backlinks, social shares, and first page rankings.


Making brand yourself a strategic improvement effort in the long term as part of your content strategy.

Step #3:

Promote that content via social media, Youtube and email outreach (my FREE PDF guide to brand yourself ultimate guide has A LOT of info on this step).

Brand Building

Now I must confess. It took me way too much time to finally realize that my failure to implement the brand yourself strategy was detrimental to business growth.

This is also evident in the sort of growth we have been experiencing lately. It turns out that personal brand building is the best business move I’ve made in my entire career and please you must understand that I do not share these sentiments lightly.

Today, more and more people than ever before, are turning to personal branding to optimize their conversion. I think it’s fair to assume that being a successful business owner is about making sure that your company name, identity, brand and even your personal brand (if you want to make it part of the attraction of doing business with you) can be found in everything that has your online DNA.

Just in case you didn’t know, your personal brand has so many unsaid benefits to your business than you realize:

Brand Building

Building an online brand creates awareness of what we, as entrepreneurs and our business stand for.

So, here’s the thing about branding: You’re doing it even if you think you’re not. You have a brand even if you think you have done. And, if you’re not actively managing your brand, it’s likely that one of your competitors or the marketplace will step in and manage it for you.

Not until recently, I always believed that my personal brand and business were separate entities therefore I kept and managed them separately. What I didn’t realize then was the sort of damage my personal branding was causing to my business.

Because your brand, as the public sees it, is your reputation. It is all the things the people know about you all rolled up into a single marketplace opinion. Do you have personal likability you think may play a role in the growth of your business?

Maybe your mind keeps telling you that keeping your personal brand away from your business branding is the way to go, and that’s fair enough..from what I have learned from the best industry leaders.

Brand Building

Keeping your brand under-wraps is probably harming your business growth than ever.

This also evident in the way how social buying trends are influencing the way we consume products and services. Products with no social proof are pretty much dead in the water, and there is no better way of promoting growth than leveraging a raving fan base to drive sales in a business.

Building an online brand gives us instant opportunities to create likability and to foster the growth of a fan base.

Heres the bottom line: Everything you do and everything you say all adds up to tell the world who you are. Therefore, choosing your actions and your words wisely will only enhance your likability which return fosters irresistible snowballing factor effects attracting a raving fan base which drives the cost of delivering goods and services.


Building an online brand elevates our credibility because we embrace being out there for the world to find.

I like the shameless self-promotion of some industry thought leaders, they are not afraid of promoting their personal brand anywhere an opportunity comes their way.

And they are very quick to draw you in with the unique design of their blogs which spills over to their brand identity in social media and Youtube. This is because they understand the magnetic power of becoming memorable by making a good first impression and having a unique blog design accomplishes just that.

Brand Yourself

Building an online brand allows us to gain trust

The most important part of the sales process leading to more prospects, more customers and more profits is building lasting relationships through trust.

Organisations often choose to re-brand themselves as they set off on a new course of direction. From strengthening client relations to opening up new markets, losing your heritage to disengaging staff, re-branding presents a number of opportunities and risks for any organization.

Brand building

The idea of personal branding has a much deeper meaning than you might think and has definitely come a long way. It used to be that your brand was the name of your product or service, maybe not much like how apple was branded with apple fruit to identify them.

No surprise even today, when you talk about personal brand development, many people assume you’re talking about the name or even the logo.

But your personal brand is so much more than that.

Your brand is the sum of what your customers and prospects think about your company. It is not only what they think they know about your company (factual or not), it is also how they feel about it. When you think of your brand in these terms, there are many touch points that help contribute to your company’s brand development.


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